Fluoride Applications

Fluoride has been long known for its oral health benefits. Your body takes in and loses fluoride every day. Fluoride is present in some foods and in water, and is lost when acids produced by food sugars and plaque cause demineralization of the enamel of the teeth. People who’re losing fluoride faster than they’re taking it in are at a higher risk of tooth decay. Apart from natural sources, another great way to add lost fluoride back is through fluoride treatments at the office of Sweet Water Family Dentistry.

Fluoride aids in the prevention of tooth decay by defending the teeth from acid attacks. It can also repair and reverse tooth decay in early stages. For kids who are less than 6 years old, fluoride is part of the development of the permanent teeth, making it difficult for acids to erode the enamel of the teeth. Adults can also benefit from added fluoride. Fluoride prevents the damaged caused by oral acids and sugars in food in the already developed teeth of adults.

Topical fluoride application treatments are available in the form of varnish, foam and gel. These are professional strength fluoride solutions and have a higher concentration of fluoride than foods, mouthwashes and toothpastes. Typically, fluoride application treatment is administered by applying fluoride varnish on the teeth and leaving it on for some time. The varnish is then rinsed and the patient is advised not to eat or drink for an hour or so to allow the teeth to absorb the mineral properly. For those who need an extra boost of fluoride, we prescribe fluoride supplements that are available as liquids and tablets.

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