Periodontal Services

Periodontal disease is an infection in the gums and the surrounding structures. It could occur with a variety of intensities ranging from simple gum inflammations to a more complicated condition where the infection can damage the oral bone and tissue, and can even lead to tooth loss.

The symptoms of periodontal disease may not be visible in the early stages for all patients but can be detected by a dentist during a regular dental checkup. Some of the symptoms observed by people suffering from gum disease are listed below:

  • After you brush your teeth and spit out toothpaste, you may see traces of blood in your saliva. That signifies bleeding gums.
  • Your gums will either be very tender, swollen in size or redder than usual. The color of healthy gums color is pink, not red.
  • You can’t get rid of your bad breath no matter how many peppermints you eat.
  • A lingering bad taste in your mouth.
  • The gums start to recede or pull away from the teeth
  • Chewing food of normal durability like sandwiches becomes harder than usual.
  • Permanent teeth shifting from their position or are loose.
  • Your teeth get swallowed up by the presence of your gums. The gums start swelling from the infection, and they do not stop till only a fraction of your tooth is visible.
  • Your teeth no longer fit together like they used to.

Gum Disease Treatment

The treatment for periodontal problems depends on what stage the infection is at and how much damage it has caused. We offer the following treatments for gum disease at our practice:

  • Scaling and Root Planing
  • Dental Crown Lengthening
  • Pocket Reduction Procedures
  • Root Surface Debridement
  • Gum Surgery

If you are experiencing any symptoms of a gum problem, please contact our office for a consultation immediately. Call us at (770) 824-4825.

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