Porcelain Crowns

A porcelain crown is a tooth-shaped restoration material that is used to cover your teeth and provide protection and support. A crown is recommended if you have a broken tooth, or if you have a tooth that has been worn down or if the tooth’s enamel has weakened. It is also used to cover a tooth that has gone through a root canal treatment or if you have a missing tooth and you are recommended with a dental bridge. There are really a lot of ways by which dental crown can improve the cosmetic appearance and function of a tooth.

Crowns can be used for the following purposes:

  • To restore the teeth’s shape and function – a dental crown is an excellent way to rebuild broken teeth and is known to last for several years especially when proper care is applied.
  • To strengthen teeth – crowns are the best method of restoration that can bear heavy chewing which is why they may be required especially for back teeth.
  • To improve the appearance of your teeth – dental crowns are normally used on the outer surface of the tooth which is why it can effectively improve the appearance of your teeth which includes your teeth’s shape, color, and even the alignment.

For the placement of a crown on an existing tooth, the tooth needs to be filed down. This is done under the effect of local anesthesia. Then, an impression of the tooth is taken to create your custom crown, and a temporary crown is placed over the tooth. It will protect your tooth until the final crown is ready. On your next visit, the temporary crown is taken off, and the final one is put on. We will check to make sure the crown is the right fit, shape, color and bite, before cementing it on permanently.

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