Teeth in a Day

Several teeth replacement options are available nowadays for people who have lost most or all their teeth. One of the most reliable and advanced solutions offered at Sweet Water Family Dentistry is the teeth-in-a-day treatment that allows you to receive a full, permanent set of teeth in a single day using permanent lifelike prosthetic teeth attached to dental implants that are anchored in the jawbone.

Contemporary implant dentistry options allow a small number of implants to support more teeth in the mouth. This implies that as less as four implants could be used to support a full set of teeth in a dental arch.

The teeth-in-a-day treatments offer multiple benefits for patients. Some of these include:

  • The treatment time is short, and it is possible to go from “no teeth” to a “full set of new teeth” in a single treatment session.
  • The procedure yields comfortable replacement teeth that are fixed and do not slip away while you eat, talk or laugh.
  • No denture fixative needed.
  • No need for bone grafts, reducing cost, complexity, and risks.
  • Freedom to eat foods of your choice.
  • No more teeth in a glass!

Stages of Treatment

  • A thorough evaluation is conducted to assess suitability. Measurements and X-Rays of your jaw bone are taken to make sure the implants will fit and the number and position of implants for your new teeth is decided accordingly.
  • The procedure is performed under the effect of anesthesia and it takes about an hour or so for the implants to be placed into the jawbone. A temporary bridge is fitted into your mouth about two hours later,
  • After about ten days, the stitches placed in your mouth are removed and you can start consuming solid foods.
  • About three months later, we take impressions of your teeth to construct your custom replacement teeth.
  • Once the implants have fully integrated with the jawbone, the final replacement teeth are placed in the mouth.

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